Summer Blues

Myth: Pink and blue don’t match.

For a long time fashionistas have said that pink and blue do not match. Yet with the recent outburst of unicorn and mermaid everything, pink and blue colors have been used in these themes together most of the time. And guess what? They are PERFECT together.

Look at all these tasty unicorn snacks and notice the colors…


Not sure what half of these treats actually are but Pinterest said they were unicorn snacks. so…


I guess this is some sort of Jell-O art?

Don’t you just want to eat them all?


Photo Credit: Capitol Records

***Disclaimer: it depends what shade of blue you use. For my look, light baby blue is the ideal blue shade. Not all shades of blue are equal.

The temperature is rising and in California the summer is anything but over. Light baby blue is the color of this season. I’m 100% here for it. Recently, I got my nails done a light baby blue color… to match my purse, duh! Light baby blue pairs PERFECTLY with pink. As a kid I’d color princess dresses pink and light blue in my coloring books. I would be told that these colors don’t really match, but I knew in my heart that someday this would be acceptable. Fast forward many years, it is now a thing.  Don’t give up on your ideals ladies! Although pastel colors  have been around for a long time, pink and blue aren’t seen paired together that often.

Speaking of pastel colors, the trick with pairing pink and blue are in choosing the right shades. Choose pastel colors of pink and blue, that is the key to pulling off this style.

Okay, now about my HANDBAG. Currently, I’m obsessed with it for the same reasons I’m writing this post… PINK + BLUE = YESS. The HANDBAG is Aldo. The scarf that came included adds a girly touch that contrasts but complements the handbag. It takes the right silky scarf to complement such a trendy bag. The main strap is detachable, but I prefer to leave it on because holding things get annoying for long periods of time. When it comes to fashion I’d like to say I’m pretty practical.

The shoes are also Aldo. They have a square shape and a retro transparent pink front strap. They’re so cute and retro.

The glasses aren’t meant to block shade… they’re meant to throw shade…

I kid, they’re just a personal touch to add on to the pink and blue look. I prefer my glasses to to be dark to block the shade.

My furry friend makes an appearance on next week’s blog.

Much love! See you next week!

    -XOXO C.C©♥ 

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Pink bodysuit: Forever 21

Blue skirt: Fashion Nova

Choker: Forever 21

Watch: Michael Kors

Shoes & Handbag: Aldo


Rockin’ the Teeny-Tiny Micro Bag

What will actually fit in this tiny bag?

What is the deal with these miniature handbags that have been trending lately? Bad Gal Riri, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner have all been spotted sporting these small handbags which are actually called micro handbags.


One of my personal favs [Credit: @BadGalRiri]


Credit @kourtneyKardash


These handbags are actually nothing new. They used to be trendy in the 1990’s. The micro handbags are an exaggeratedly small approach to size and practicality. You can probably fit a small compact, lipstick and maybe your iPhone, but the micro bags are chic, fun, trendy and all the it-girls seem to be wearing them.

Here’s how I wore mine.


I love playing with fashion and the micro bag lets me do just this. But where and on what occasion can you wear such a tiny bag? Try dinner dates and catching brunch with your girls.

This off the shoulder jacket look was heavily inspired by none other than @BadGalRiri.



These small handbags remind us women of how much we actually carry around in a regular sized bag. Wearing this handbag out and about made me realize how I took for granted the size of a standard purse. I remember as a small child I’d poke fun at my mom for having so much stuff inside her handbag, it was like a black hole when it came time for me to fetch her something like gum or a pen. But now as I get older, I find myself laughing because I’m slowly turning into my mom… my handbag is indeed a “black hole.”



The micro handbag goes against the conventional handbag, no doubt, but it’s fun to think that I’ll only need to carry my keys, phone, some credit cards, and a lipstick… but will it all fit? Nope!

Only a lipstick, and a compact mirror fit…


I love the look of the micro bag. Not for its practicality, but for its playful flair and minimalistic appeal. In all honesty, I love handbags but let’s get real they get annoying to carry around all day. Ugh! Being a lady is so much work we gotta carry around a handbag all day and throw stuff in it, but with the micro bag being so small you can just slip it onto your wrist and go on about your day (or a fun night!) .


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Something blue and classic is coming your way next week! Stay tuned!

Much love!

     -XOXO C.C©♥ 

Photos taken at Beverly Hills

Dress: Fashion Nova

Purse: Mundi Wallets

Jacket: F21

Shoes: Steve Madden

Liquid lipstick: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Fashion Nova, a Dishonest Fashion Brand?

Fashion Nova, you’ve heard it, an online fashion empire that boasts over 12.5 million followers on Instagram. With celebrity endorsements such as Kourtney Kardashian, Cardi B, and Amber Rose, Fashion Nova makes it’s targeted audience pretty clear. Rolling out newer categories such as Fashion Nova Men, Curve and their newest Mommy and Me collection, the fashion company shows no signs of slowing down. But what is this hype all about? Join me as I take an in depth analysis of Fashion Nova as a brand and what makes them so unique.

For quick note, Fashion Nova is a trendy boutique that’s affordable I’d say. Think Forever 21, Q, etc. but very distinct. Second, this is from my personal perspective and only commenting from what I’ve researched and have found out about this company.

I remember, the early 2010’s I was probably about 16 when my parents gave me a gift card to a Fashion Nova store and I was ecstatic to go shopping. Now the fashion company has shifted it’s focus to their online store which I’d imagine, obviously generates a huge majority of their sales.

Founder, owner and CEO Richard Saghian of Fashion Nova (FN for short) launched his online store for the first time in 2013 after gaining a huge Instagram following, and surprise, everything sold out. (Note: he already had stores in malls before launching his online store.) That is when Saghian realized the potential of e-commerce. Saghian grew up working in retail and watched his father run a women’s apparel store and knew he wanted to do that but he had his own vision and the rest is history. He still however, privately owns FN and believes in customer satisfaction stating that “as long as we focus on giving the best product at the best price and getting it to our customers fast, we will continue to grow.”  And frankly, FN has exploded and is still growing. Recently, FN has been named the fastest growing online apparel store for women. Also, named the most searched fashion brand right next to big names in high fashion such as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. This tells us something, although Fashion Nova isn’t necessairly a high fashion brand it is marketed as one, in a way. Their clothes are seen on A-list celebs and high profile Instagram influencers giving their brand that desirable and luxurious edge. If you follow their Instagram page and see photos of their #NovaBabes and celebs wearing their clothing you’ll see the picture perfect photos selling whatever style they have going on. FN wants their customers and audience to think, ‘If they’re wearing it, I want to wear it too’ and this is a direct case of cause and effect, a marketing approach I’d say. With their affordable prices, trendy styles and fast 3-day shipping its no wonder women are hooked on this online store. Fashion Nova is creating space for a luxurious yet affordable trendy fashion brand with partial thanks to their celeb endorsements causing a conversation within the fashion e-commence industry and in popular culture.

But who are their targeted consumers and audience? I’ve heard several women say things along the lines of “I don’t have the curvy shape their models do so I don’t think Fashion Nova is for me.” This made me think for a bit, their Instagram models and models on their online store have perfect hourglass bodies. Fashion Nova isn’t selling just clothing, they’re selling you an image. But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this, remember that online store Hot Miami Styles?  In the fashion industry there’s a saying “sex sells,” think Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, and Versace campaigns(ads). What came to mind? Maybe photos, billboard ads and glossy images on magazines that picture men and women in minimal clothing with the brand logo embalmed on that ad. They’re selling their audience a lifestyle and an image with their brand name written all over it. That’s what makes their brand. These women are beautiful no doubt, but is this a fair and accurate representation of women? FN has been scolded for showing models online where you can clearly see a corset being worn under the model’s clothes probably to present a more hourglass shape. How honest is this marketing strategy? What message is this sending to women? Is this a fair and accurate representation of women? This question can be posed for any fashion brand really, but we’re focusing on FN. And honestly, we should start having this conversation more and really question how women are being portrayed in fashion and what types of women are being included or excluded. More women need to start actively drawing the line on what’s acceptable. I’ve seen memes where women poke fun by saying, “when you order the dress but the body isn’t included.” It’s funny but this points to FN’s marketing strategy. It looks great on the model and that’s how it’ll look like on me. Which brings me to my final point.

We’ve covered their brand and marketing strategy now let me pose another question, how honest and transparent are they with their customers? Let’s take a look at their online store. Look at any clothing item, now look at their reviews and ratings. You’re not going to find any rating below 3 stars, maybe a few but not really. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself. I dare you.

Here’s an example, this is the Anna dress:

Now let’s look at the reviews and ratings:

Nothing below 4 stars. My point exactly.

Now think for a minute, you’re shopping online and you love a dress but you have your doubts about it whether it be sizing, material, etc. So maybe you look to see what customers are saying about this dress in the reviews section to have a sense of what you’re setting yourself up for by purchasing this item. And see nothing but 4+ stars and marvelous reviews so you think to yourself, wow this dress rocks I think I’ll take it. But what you don’t see are all of the reviews. And I can assure you that there are more reviews by customers that they are not posting. I know this because I’ve given some of their clothing items reviews below 3 stars and to this day I have not seen my ratings posted. This to me and by definition is dishonest, misleading and unfair to the consumer. And what sucks about making returns with clothing bought online is that you don’t get your money back, you get store credit and in some cases that merchandise credit is valid only in stores. (On a side note, I HATE going to their physical stores because they blast music way to loud I leave that store nearly deaf.) Regardless, every fashion brand has its ups, downs and things they’re known and disliked for.

This is first from a new series called “Brand Analysis” where I dive into fashion brands to understand their brand, marketing approaches and what makes them so unique, coming your way in the near future.

What are your thoughts and experiences with the store? If you’re a FN shopper, could you relate to anything said? Liked my article? Make sure to star it below please. Thanks for reading dolls.

Something macro is coming your way next week! Stay tuned! See you next week!

XOXO C.C © ♥

Princess Pink

Hello Fabulous Fashionist@s!♥ Classic Californian here again. If you don’t know, LOVE the color pink it is my favorite color. So this time I took pink to a regal level, and of course I can’t do it with out Coco Chanel by side. She’s such a diva so this really fit her.

IMG_8175 (2)

Coco Chanel and I wearing matching tiaras.

For this look I opted for a jean jacket, who says jean jackets are casual? You can totally dress them up, even a plain jean jacket like the one I’m wearing.


Outside of Versace at Rodeo Drive with Coco Chanel.

I’ve got to say the tiara was inspired by Paris Hilton. Back in her golden days in the 2000’s she would be spotted sporting tiaras but for her that was totally casual. In her video “Paris Hilton Breaks Down Her Favorite 2000’s Trends” with Vanity Fair, she says to wear tiaras and “always dress like a princess, if you do you’ll be treated like one.” Wiser words haven’t been said, so I took it seriously and gave Coco Chanel her own Tiara.


Princess Coco Chanel

Paris also goes on to say (in reference to her dogs) that “best friends are the best accessory” and I couldn’t agree more.


My furry BFF, she will fight you.

As you can see, I am wearing my absolute favorite barbie pink pumps again to complete the look. Along with Coco’s favorite pink leash, she loves talking strolls around LA, of course when she isn’t busy barking at people.

IMG_8383 (2)

If there is anything I want you to take away is that you’re a royal, that being said don’t let anyone tell you less. So dress like one.

See you next week loves!


-Classic Californian© ♥

Outfit Details:

White Crop Top: Express

Pink Skirt: Charlotte Ruse

Jean Jacket: Forever 21

Pink Pumps: Steve Madden

Photos taken at Rodeo Drive by the lovely photographer Emilia V. Check out her IG @emilia_rvxx

Going to your Sugar Daddy’s Funeral

Cashing in on that life insurance soon? I’m deeply sorry for your loss. But GIRL what are you going to wear???



I kid. I hope you caught on to the satire at the beginning. If you haven’t, the internet has its share of sugar daddy memes.  I’m only poking fun at a cultural phenomenon. It’s like we’re stuck in some dark Lana Del Rey song. Young vibrant beauty meets handsome old money, a romance about lovers from different eras. I’m sure there’s a Lana song about an old rich dude that lives in California that drives a Chevy Malibu. It’s called Shades of Cool and there’s a video too. So mysterious.

IMG_8026 (2)

Inspired by dark, old money, old Hollywood glamor I bring you…what to wear to your sugar daddy’s funeral with a small side of Coco Chanel and sass. I present to you this all black look with a touch of vintage featuring black lace gloves. Can we bring back gloves for formal occasions? I feel fancy wearing these gloves.


I opted for a black pencil skirt and an off the shoulder bodysuit. It’s a two piece, not a dress. This is my favorite black pencil skirt that goes with virtually everything.


Making my bodysuit and skirt the centerpiece, I opted to keep my shoe choice simple with a pair of strappy heels.

I paired this black choker with an all rhinestone choker to balance out the black. Note: rhinestones are always a good idea if you want to feel and look fabulous.



And I completed my look with my Betsey Johnson cheetah tan handbag, I LOVE her handbags. I felt that I wanted a little pop of print and color just to keep things interesting and from falling flat.


Coco loves chillin in handbags so she’s good. No one is getting harmed I can assure you.


Remember darling, you don’t need a sugar daddy and no man to slay. Let’s make this money ourselves.


Outfit details:

Gloves: vintage

Shoes: Aldo

Black bodysuit: Forever 21

Black Pencil skirt: Forever 21

Handbag: Betsey Johnson

Pictures taken in Beverly Hills.

Photographer Emilia V. Check out her Instagram @emilia_rvxx


I’ve been featured on Garb!

Hello Fabulous Fashionist@s! ♥ C.C gal here. I’m excited to announce that I’m a published fashion writer for Berkeley Garb! What is Berkeley Garb? It is Berkeley’s elite source for all things (high) fashion and trendy street wear! Check out my article were I talk about making bold fashion choices and give you tips on wearing a faux fur coat!♥




Coat: H&M

Sweater Dress: F21

Bag: F21


See you next week!


Yeezy isn’t revolutionary: Biker Shorts, an 80’s trend comeback

Hello Fabulous Fashionist@s! It’s your classic cal gal here. As I’m writing this, it’s kind of annoying that I feel the need to start off by writing about the weather. But you know what isn’t so annoying? Well it sort of is, 80’s trends baby! If you don’t already know I am NOT a fan of the fashion from the 80’s decade. The 80’s are making their comeback thanks to the Kardashians. Kim K. is pictured stepping out in head to toe Yeezy apparel. I’m not here to say that Kim K’s fashion is lame or to hate on her, I’m a huge Kardashian fan(guilty!) and I admire their fashion sense. I’m just pointing out how trends make a comeback and in this case it just happens to be an 80’s trend.


Notice how Kim pairs her shorts with sneakers and socks that bunch at the ankles you’ll see how this is very 80’s… scroll on.

Recently, I’ve seen Kim Kardashian sporting Yeezy biker shorts. While she styles the biker shorts so nicely, I will be the one to say that the Yeezy biker shorts aren’t revolutionary or a remotely new trend, sorry.

Let’s take a look at Kim K’s array of biker short outfits:


I don’t know if Kim and the Yeezy brand think they’re making groundbreaking fashion moves but they’re not and here’s why.

The exercise scene was HUGE in the 80’s, think bright colored leotards and legwarmers (cause you needed to keep your legs warm when working out). With this fad the biker shorts emerged onto the fashion scene and in the world of exercise. Take a look.

From famous Olympians…

80s spandex

…to your average teenage girl next door.


And hey look it’s Princess Di, sporting the biker shorts!

dda457d1b28b85c81665d65d35a19aa3--diana-spencer-lady-diana        4db2814b3a33d087bac7cc1f0dea88f8 1e9f71da7d420706495f9e1e2955ab75--lady-diana-british-royals

Notice how they sport the biker shorts with sneakers and socks that bunch at the ankle.

The shorts also lingered on into the 90’s as seen in clueless;



Heck, I even have photos of my mom sporting the biker shorts in the early 90’s. But these biker shorts could be the leggings of summer. Why? Because in the summer it gets really hot and sometimes it’s too hot to don your favorite pair of leggings. Thanks Kim K. for bringing back the biker shorts! (To be continued…)

Want your own? Check out Fashion Nova, they have many styles and colors to choose from!

(click on image to be directed to their web page!)


Honey, take me on vacation! Styling the Floral Romper

Hello Fabulous Fashionist@s!♥ C.C here. Have you ever wanted to escape on a vacation getaway to the beach and just become a mermaid? And never return? Same. Well although we can only be mermaids in our hearts, we can still soak up the sun in style while on vacation. My favorite trend? Rompers! They’re great because they come in all sorts of colors and styles giving you many options to find something that fits you. For this article I will be talking about the shoulder less bell sleeve romper style.


I LOVE the pastel colors on my romper. I also LOVE the off the shoulder bell sleeve design giving it a boho edge but the pink accents keep it girly.


It has a thin sort of belt to tie at the waist to frame it. If you’re a short curvy girl like myself, I recommend a romper that has a similar design that frames your waist. Since I’m short I find that the rompers that are sort of loose fitting makes one look shapeless and out of proportion. Don’t let that happen to you. This is what makes shopping for rompers tricky. You can totally look fabulous, just find one that frames your body shape and above all makes you feel and look amazing. Because we came to slay.


What I love about rompers is that you can just throw one, put on your favorite heels and maybe accessorize and you’ll look fancy a’f with minimal effort. It’s perfect for those days when you just don’t know what to wear.


But as you know me, I don’t know how to keep it simple. I paired this romper with my favorite sun hat because you can’t go on vacation without a sun hat.  I was feeling the pink accents on my romper so I paired it with these bright pink chunky heeled sandals. Oh, and my outfit isn’t complete without a little bit of jewelry bling.



Can’t forget a good ol’ close up:


(click on the image to be directed to their site!)

Give the romper a chance. Here’s an off the shoulder bell sleeve top from Fashion Nova:


This romper was also styled with chunky heeled sandals!

Here’s another bell sleeve romper from Fashion Nova:


If you’re feeling a little bit more edgy, try going for a flowy bell sleeve instead of the shoulder less style. Romper from Forever 21.


I own a romper similar to this design (pictured on the bottom) and I absolutely love it because I can just throw on my favorite sandals for a casual look. I recommend it and it’s also from Forever 21.


See how well the chunky heeled sandals are styled with the romper? Take notes.

Chose your romper wisely and you’ll be on your way to being the most fabulous woman in town.

See you next week!


My outfit details:

Romper: Papaya Clothing

Heels: Designer Shoe Warehouse

Necklace: Forever 21

Hat: My own

Watch: Micheal Kors

Pink purse: Vintage

Photos taken in Palisade Park in Santa Monica, California.

Spring Trend to Try: Cherry print

Hello Fabulous Fashionist@!♥ Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. But wait, it’s like this all year round’ in SoCal. Aren’t we just #blessed? Yes. Blooming flowers also come with blooming fruits. It’s cherry blossom season! I have a cherry tree and I love seeing it bloom in the spring time, the pink blossom flowers are so pretty. What comes after the blossoms you may ask? The cherry of course! The cherry print trend is totally cute. It’s refreshing to throw on some colorful prints here and there. I’m loving this spring trend. Below find my top favorite cherry fashion pieces you can totally rock this spring. Enjoy!

For outerwear:

  • Have you tried spicing up your plain jean jacket with cherry print? Take a look at Forever 21’s super cute jean jacket.

00258060-02Forever 21: Embroidered Cherry Denim Jacket $37.90

For Tops and bodysuits:

  • My pick is Forever 21 again. Their pieces are totally affordable and chic!

00254182-03Forever 21: “Cherry Print Off-the -Shoulder Top” $10.90

  • This one’s perfect if you just want to keep it simple, which is totally cool too.


Embroidered Cherry Cropped Tank $10.90

  • Feeling a little sweet? This crop top will make you look sweet.

00259614-01 Forever 21: Cherry Coke Stripe Crop Top $12.90


  • Now, for the bodysuit. Check this one out. It’s chic, and affordable. What more does a girl want?

00271889-01Forever 21: Cherry Cami Bodysuit $12.90 


For Bottoms:

  • I fell in love with this embroidered jean skirt from Forever 21.

00264957-02Cherry Embroidered Denim Skirt $22.90


Now for accessories:

  • These Coach handbags, OMG. I’m usually not one to own printed handbags but these will change that for me. These are so stylish, I can see this handbag matching more with solid colored outfits which will make the cherry printed handbag stand out.

9250031_fpx COACH: Crossbody bag$195

9406751_fpxCOACH Cherries Print Taylor Tote $295


Want a more affordable cherry print tote? Check this one out from Forever 21, it’s not your average tote bag. The cherry print will make you the chicest girl at the beach and it’s only $3.90!! Steal!

00274226-01Forever 21 Cherry Tote $3.90


  • Feeling a little edgy? Try this bodycon dress featuring a cherry print on a black background that is sure to get you lots of compliments!

2-26-18_KA3107_Black_0113_1000x Fashion Nova: Cherry Picking Dress $19.99 


All in all, there’s a lot to choose from that will fit your sense of style whether you’re girly or edgy. There’s something for everyone. Give it a try. I know most of these picks were from Forever 21 but that’s only because the clothing pieces were not only stylish but also affordable! You’ll truly feel those spring vibes with the cherry print.

I hope you enjoyed! Next week I’ll be showing you other spring trends you must try! Stay tuned and remember to follow my blog to know when my posts go up.  Subscribe right at the bottom.

See you next Wednesday!


Glam in blush


Hello Fabulous fashionist@s!♥ It’s hump-day! (Happy Hump-Day?) but can the weekend come any faster?

DSCN1106 (2)

I picked up this dress at a local boutique and I’m in love with the blush pink lace. This color is perfect for the spring that’s right around the corner. Can you believe it’s still winter? According to the almanac calendar spring is set to start March 20th at 9:15 am pacific time. I’m totally looking forward to longer sunny days.

DSCN1094 (3)

For this look I opted for these pointed nude heels as to keep it neutral. But added a rhinestone choker for a glam effect which I made that more dramatic.

DSCN1062 (3)

I also opted for pink tinted sun glasses so I’d avoid direct contact with the sun and the haters.


The pink blazer completes the outfit where I aimed at creating a more chromatic effect but as you can see the sparkly choker keeps it glam, classy and interesting. I sometimes find that monochrome outfits fall a little flat. From that happening, I suggest adding a little bling to your outfit for a more dramatic effect….


…you’ll stand out, look elegant and I’m sure you’ll get all sorts of compliments. After all, why blend in when you can stand out?

DSCN1002 (2)

DSCN1145 (2)

As you can see Coco Chanel was being such a diva while shooting for this post. She has herself on such a high esteem, it’s kind of amazing to see this on a dog. She loves it when I carry her around in a purse, so it’s always fun to include a bag I can carry her in. My favorite ones are Betsy Johnson handbags, they’re not meant exclusively for pets but Coco absolutely loves them.

DSCN1155 (2)

See you next week!


-C.C ♥

Photos taken at Will Rogers Memorial Park/garden in Beverly Hills, CA.

Outfit details:

Blush pink blazer: Calvin Klien

Heels: Steve Madden

Glasses:Betsy Johnson

Choker: Windsor