Glam in blush


Hello Fabulous fashionist@s!♥ It’s hump-day! (Happy Hump-Day?) but can the weekend come any faster?

DSCN1106 (2)

I picked up this dress at a local boutique and I’m in love with the blush pink lace. This color is perfect for the spring that’s right around the corner. Can you believe it’s still winter? According to the almanac calendar spring is set to start March 20th at 9:15 am pacific time. I’m totally looking forward to longer sunny days.

DSCN1094 (3)

For this look I opted for these pointed nude heels as to keep it neutral. But added a rhinestone choker for a glam effect which I made that more dramatic.

DSCN1062 (3)

I also opted for pink tinted sun glasses so I’d avoid direct contact with the sun and the haters.


The pink blazer completes the outfit where I aimed at creating a more chromatic effect but as you can see the sparkly choker keeps it glam, classy and interesting. I sometimes find that monochrome outfits fall a little flat. From that happening, I suggest adding a little bling to your outfit for a more dramatic effect….


…you’ll stand out, look elegant and I’m sure you’ll get all sorts of compliments. After all, why blend in when you can stand out?

DSCN1002 (2)

DSCN1145 (2)

As you can see Coco Chanel was being such a diva while shooting for this post. She has herself on such a high esteem, it’s kind of amazing to see this on a dog. She loves it when I carry her around in a purse, so it’s always fun to include a bag I can carry her in. My favorite ones are Betsy Johnson handbags, they’re not meant exclusively for pets but Coco absolutely loves them.

DSCN1155 (2)

See you next week!


-C.C ♥

Photos taken at Will Rogers Memorial Park/garden in Beverly Hills, CA.

Outfit details:

Blush pink blazer: Calvin Klien

Heels: Steve Madden

Glasses:Betsy Johnson

Choker: Windsor





All of the Lights

Hello Fabulous Fashionist@!♥  It’s February, love is in the air or at least my love for faux fur outerwear. Faux fur is my favorite go-to when I want to add some edge to an outfit, to sort of make it that much boujee. Boujee, that’s such a weird word. Anyways, I found this faux fur coat at this cute boutique in town and I HAD to have it.

I wanted to keep it neutral so I opted for this grey long sleeveless bodycon dress. I’m sort of obsessed with the faux fur on the cardigan. It’s rather unique and gives the outfit a sophisticated vibe. I also accessorized my dress with this jean lace up corset. I love these corset belts cause they’re so versatile and can wear them with dresses and tops. If you’re good at paring it, you’ll come to find that they’re fun to wear.

Also going along with this toned down neutral look, are my Steve Madden Pumps. I absolutely love these Steve Madden pumps, they’re adorable and really put together any look.

As you can probably tell, I love clothing/shoes/accessories that can match with almost anything, that are versatile. Where’s the fun if you can’t mix up your looks here and there? The key to having an endless wardrobe is to have key clothing pieces that are versatile. You’ll have so many options on outfits and can mix and match if you work up the creativity to do so.

Regardless, if you have key versatile pieces in your wardrobe or not, it’s never a bad idea to go shopping!!

See you next week!


-Classic Californian ♥


Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden

Corset Belt: Forever 21

Photos were taken at LACMA.

Princess Pink

Hello Fabulous Fashionist@s!♥ Classic Californian here again. I hope that the start of the year has been met with new beginnings and opportunities.  As you know I love the color pink, it is my favorite color ~EVER.~ So this time I took pink to a regal level, and of course I can’t do it with out Coco Chanel by side. She’s such a diva so this really fit her.

IMG_8175 (2)

Coco Chanel and I wearing matching tiaras.

For this look I opted for a jean jacket, who says jean jackets are casual? You can totally dress them up, even a plain jean jacket like the one I’m wearing.


Outside of Versace at Rodeo Drive with Coco Chanel.

I’ve got to say the tiara was inspired by Paris Hilton. Back in her golden days in the 2000’s she would be spotted sporting tiaras but for her that was totally casual. In her video “Paris Hilton Breaks Down Her Favorite 2000’s Trends” with Vanity Fair, she says to wear tiaras and “always dress like a princess, if you do you’ll be treated like one.” Wiser words haven’t been said, so I took it seriously and gave Coco Chanel her own Tiara.


Princess Coco Chanel

Paris also goes on to say (in reference to her dogs) that “best friends are the best accessory” and I couldn’t agree more.


My furry BFF, she will fight you.

As you can see, I am wearing my absolute favorite barbie pink pumps again to complete the look. Along with Coco’s favorite pink leash, she loves talking strolls around LA, of course when she isn’t busy barking at people.

IMG_8383 (2)

If there is anything I want you to take away is that you’re a royal, that being said don’t let anyone tell you less. So dress like one.

See you next week loves!


-Classic Californian© ♥

Outfit Details:

White Crop Top: Express

Pink Skirt: Charlotte Ruse

Jean Jacket: Forever 21

Pink Pumps: Steve Madden

Photos taken at Rodeo Drive.

New Year, Same Me

Hello Fabulous Fashionist@!♥  Happy New Year!! I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that but I hope you’ve all rang in the new year with lots of joy and style. One thing I will say is that I think New Years resolutions are complete BS. Honestly, do you really know of anyone who kept their resolutions of hitting the gym everyday with a side of kale shakes and healthy eating? I don’t. Seriously, lets ditch resolutions cause it’s all about GOALS. Set goals and start small. Or big, whatever floats your boat. Think of something you’d like to achieve, dream BIG and start small. Set goals along the way and you’ll see that it will be much more achievable than resolutions. I’ve already set a few big goals for this year and I’m starting small, baby steps, and will build on that. Let’s hope that this is the year that all of our dreams will come true. *insert Disney fairy godmother GIF here*


Moving on to what this blog is all about, my dress. This is what I’d wear to a party.  If you don’t already know I LOVE anything that sparkles!! I think there’s a Paris Hilton quote out there somewhere about loving sparkles. I scored this dress at Ross for like $8 and it looks like a million bucks. Seriously, it’s so sparkly. (I’m a college gal on a budget)


This faux fur coat is my absolute FAVORITE. I refuse to go out on a date or party on a cold night without my faux fur coat it’s so versatile and goes perfect with any outfit! The best part? The coat is actually warm!


The pumps and bag are from Aldo. I love my box of a purse because of the  oriental style design on it along with the tiger head. This fuchsia color on the heels looks even more gorgeous in person and I get so many compliments because of the color. I have a thing for collecting colored pumps.


Hope you enjoyed and make sure to catch what Coco Chanel and I are up to next week on Wednesday! See you soon.



Floral in the Winter


Coco Chanel barking at other people/ dogs, as usual.

Hello fabulous fashionist@s! ♥♥ CC here again, it’s not the new years yet but I definitely know what my resolution is, to stop ghosting you all. Seriously, whats up with me disappearing? Well, I’ve been working on various projects that I’ll be showing on here. But I’m glad to be back. For starters, if you’ve been following my instagram page, I introduced to you all Classic Californian’s newest furry addition, Coco Chanel. (If you haven’t been following my instagram page, @ClassicCalifornian , please do so! ) She’s a small toy Maltese but don’t let her small size fool you, Coco Chanel will fight you. She has the spirit of a lion and knows she’s fabulous. Her self confidence and the way she carries herself like a true lady is very remarkable for a small canine like herself. Coco loves getting pampered and small walks. Coco will be a regular so I thought I’d give her a small intro.

DSCN1403 (2)

She’s looking for something to bark at.

Moving on this dress. It’s actually vintage from the 90’s. How I got it is an interesting story.  My friend and I were on a hunt to find vintage gems and came across this vintage second hand shop in LA called Jet Rag. I think we even went there by mistake. The store was HUGE and had every vintage dress you could ever dream of. The dresses are organized by decades ranging from 1920’s to the present. There are also lots of accessories, vintage jeans, and hand bags. This usually isn’t my scene but I had to give it a go. I scourged the 1990’s section and found so many wonderful dresses true to the decade. But I fell in love with this lavender retro looking dress.


Coco loves sitting in purses.


Another side story to add, these earrings are actually vintage from the 90’s as well. They’re something my mom passed down to me. I’d say that they’re really classy.

DSCN1307 (3)

I honestly don’t care that it’s fall and that these “aren’t seasonal appropriate colors” like if those rules exist. For one, Coco Chanel (the most iconic fashion designer, like ever) once said “don’t dress for the weather”. And two, it’s LA here and we always have sunshine. Seasons don’t exist here, it can be December and be like over 72 degrees.  How I love SoCal.

DSCN1365 (3)

Surprised we captured her not barking. 

Speaking of the seasons, I’ll be posting some holiday looks for you all cause I know we may have some holiday parties to attend. If you’d like too see a certain style or trend but not really sure if you want to try it out? Tell me in the comments section and I’ll try it out for you!! (if I agree with it)

Dress: Vintage find

Heels: Steve Madden

Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction