That Hotline Bling

Hello Fabulous Fashionista(o) ! The Classic Californian here. I just want to start off by thanking you all for the amazing support I received last week when I first launched this blog! Much love I hope you all really stick around, I’m so excited to share with yall what I’ve got in store.


Anyways, Betsey Johnson released this purse earlier this year to her spring line. When I saw it I HAD TO get it. I love the creativity evident in her designs. When I saw the purse I was sold at the pink retro headset. You can actually plug in the pink telephone to your smartphone and actually talk on the phone. WOW right??  What I really love about this purse is not the fact that it looks like a retro telephone (that too) but I love the concept of wearable technology. Usually when you think of wearable tech, you think of an Apple watch, but not in this case. Although let’s be real this isn’t fancy technology (but it’s the idea!)


You can totally make a statement with this purse and a phone call or two!




Purse: Betsy Johnson

Pink heels: Betsy Johnson

Watch: Micheal Kors

Sunglasses: Chinese Laundry



See you next Wednesday!


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