New Year, Same Me

Hello Fabulous Fashionist@!♥  Happy New Year!! I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that but I hope you’ve all rang in the new year with lots of joy and style. One thing I will say is that I think New Years resolutions are complete BS. Honestly, do you really know of anyone who kept their resolutions of hitting the gym everyday with a side of kale shakes and healthy eating? I don’t. Seriously, lets ditch resolutions cause it’s all about GOALS. Set goals and start small. Or big, whatever floats your boat. Think of something you’d like to achieve, dream BIG and start small. Set goals along the way and you’ll see that it will be much more achievable than resolutions. I’ve already set a few big goals for this year and I’m starting small, baby steps, and will build on that. Let’s hope that this is the year that all of our dreams will come true. *insert Disney fairy godmother GIF here*


Moving on to what this blog is all about, my dress. This is what I’d wear to a party.  If you don’t already know I LOVE anything that sparkles!! I think there’s a Paris Hilton quote out there somewhere about loving sparkles. I scored this dress at Ross for like $8 and it looks like a million bucks. Seriously, it’s so sparkly. (I’m a college gal on a budget)


This faux fur coat is my absolute FAVORITE. I refuse to go out on a date or party on a cold night without my faux fur coat it’s so versatile and goes perfect with any outfit! The best part? The coat is actually warm!


The pumps and bag are from Aldo. I love my box of a purse because of the  oriental style design on it along with the tiger head. This fuchsia color on the heels looks even more gorgeous in person and I get so many compliments because of the color. I have a thing for collecting colored pumps.


Hope you enjoyed and make sure to catch what Coco Chanel and I are up to next week on Wednesday! See you soon.



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