All of the Lights

Hello Fabulous Fashionist@!♥  It’s February, love is in the air or at least my love for faux fur outerwear. Faux fur is my favorite go-to when I want to add some edge to an outfit, to sort of make it that much boujee. Boujee, that’s such a weird word. Anyways, I found this faux fur coat at this cute boutique in town and I HAD to have it.

I wanted to keep it neutral so I opted for this grey long sleeveless bodycon dress. I’m sort of obsessed with the faux fur on the cardigan. It’s rather unique and gives the outfit a sophisticated vibe. I also accessorized my dress with this jean lace up corset. I love these corset belts cause they’re so versatile and can wear them with dresses and tops. If you’re good at paring it, you’ll come to find that they’re fun to wear.

Also going along with this toned down neutral look, are my Steve Madden Pumps. I absolutely love these Steve Madden pumps, they’re adorable and really put together any look.

As you can probably tell, I love clothing/shoes/accessories that can match with almost anything, that are versatile. Where’s the fun if you can’t mix up your looks here and there? The key to having an endless wardrobe is to have key clothing pieces that are versatile. You’ll have so many options on outfits and can mix and match if you work up the creativity to do so.

Regardless, if you have key versatile pieces in your wardrobe or not, it’s never a bad idea to go shopping!!

See you next week!


-Classic Californian ♥


Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden

Corset Belt: Forever 21

Photos were taken at LACMA.

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