Princess Pink

Hello Fabulous Fashionist@s!♥ Classic Californian here again. If you don’t know, LOVE the color pink it is my favorite color. So this time I took pink to a regal level, and of course I can’t do it with out Coco Chanel by side. She’s such a diva so this really fit her.

IMG_8175 (2)
Coco Chanel and I wearing matching tiaras.

For this look I opted for a jean jacket, who says jean jackets are casual? You can totally dress them up, even a plain jean jacket like the one I’m wearing.

Outside of Versace at Rodeo Drive with Coco Chanel.

I’ve got to say the tiara was inspired by Paris Hilton. Back in her golden days in the 2000’s she would be spotted sporting tiaras but for her that was totally casual. In her video “Paris Hilton Breaks Down Her Favorite 2000’s Trends” with Vanity Fair, she says to wear tiaras and “always dress like a princess, if you do you’ll be treated like one.” Wiser words haven’t been said, so I took it seriously and gave Coco Chanel her own Tiara.

Princess Coco Chanel

Paris also goes on to say (in reference to her dogs) that “best friends are the best accessory” and I couldn’t agree more.

My furry BFF, she will fight you.

As you can see, I am wearing my absolute favorite barbie pink pumps again to complete the look. Along with Coco’s favorite pink leash, she loves talking strolls around LA, of course when she isn’t busy barking at people.

IMG_8383 (2)

If there is anything I want you to take away is that you’re a royal, that being said don’t let anyone tell you less. So dress like one.

See you next week loves!


-Classic Californian© ♥

Outfit Details:

White Crop Top: Express

Pink Skirt: Charlotte Ruse

Jean Jacket: Forever 21

Pink Pumps: Steve Madden

Photos taken at Rodeo Drive by the lovely photographer Emilia V. Check out her IG @emilia_rvxx

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