I step outside and take a deep breath. I can smell the ocean breeze coming in from Malibu. I look up, the palm trees towering high above provide a nice shade while I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. The monarch butterflies flutter past me to feed on a milkweed garden nearby. I can hear the bustle of the busy streets of L.A as cars rush through. If I look hard enough I can almost see the Hollywood sign sitting pretty on the Hollywood Hills. This is Southern California, but only a small part of it. Home of the stars and a cultural icon. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Santa Monica Mountains and beyond, I truly believe California is something magical. Unique, nothing like it. And no place where I’d rather live.

I want to share that magic with you. I want to share what it means to be a Californian girl. Inspired by the classical Hollywood beauties of the golden screen and modern muses, music, and some californian culture I bring you: the Classic Californian.

Mission Statement

Your favorite glamorous looks take on a modern update. I strive to bring you looks that are not only stylish but will be stylish for time to come. Classic. My store aims to bring you the flair of a Californian girl.

The Butterfly Effect

Project Monarchy

A proceed of ALL sales will go toward conservation efforts of the Monarch butterflies. I will use the money to plant milkweed plants for distribution to those interested in the conservation of the Monarch butterfly. The milkweed is for the monarch butterflies to feast on as they take their yearly migration North to Canada and back down South to Mexico. The monarch butterfly is iconic due to their signature orange and black wings, but these delicate butterflies are in danger. Due to a boom in development, urbanization, use of pesticides in farms and climate change; these species are on the verge of being added to the ‘endangered species’ list. Let’s make a difference and take action to protect these species before it is too late. Learn more about the decline in the Monarch butterfly population in an article published by UCLA’s the Daily Bruin, Monarch butterfly population suffers major decline, seasonal count reveals’

Interested in milkweed or want to get involved in the conservation of the Monarch butterflies? Email me! classiccalifornian@outlook.com

Thank you for your support!

X.O.X.O. Classic Californian