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The Butterfly Effect

Project Monarchy

Net proceeds of ALL sales will go toward our conservation efforts for protecting the Monarch butterflies. Project Monarchy aims to support and conserve the monarch populations by planting milkweed plants. The milkweed plants are a crucial food source the butterflies rely on as they take their yearly migration North to Canada and back down South to Mexico. Unfortunately, their key food source is severely depleting due to new pesticides in farms, a boom in development (clearing land for commercial/private buildings) and climate change. We aim to do our part in counteracting these harmful changes to our environment by planting milkweed. Our goal is to distribute the plants to communities all over Southern California and beyond at no cost, only asking for donations to continue supporting our efforts. The monarch butterflies are among the most iconic butterfly species in North America due to their signature orange and black wings, but these delicate butterflies are in danger. These species are on the verge of being added to the ‘endangered species’ list. Let’s make a difference and take action to protect these species before it is too late. Learn more about the decline in the Monarch butterfly population in an article published by UCLA’s the Daily Bruin, Monarch butterfly population suffers major decline, seasonal count reveals’

:Coming soon: Photos of newly planted milkweeds will appear here so you can track our progress:

Interested in milkweed or want to get involved in the conservation of the Monarch butterflies? Email me! classiccalifornian@outlook.com

Thank you for your support!

X.O.X.O. Classic Californian

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